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Welcome Vique To The Pirates Family!

We’re so excited to welcome VIQUE MARTIN to the PIRATES PRESS RECORDS family to handle direct-to-retail sales! This shift in-house comes off of a 13-year exclusive deal with REV DISTRIBUTION, where Vique previously oversaw Rev’s retail relationships since the late ‘90s. Vique is an icon in the punk community both due to her tenure at Rev and her own label SIMBA RECORDS, and will hold the title of Sales and Distribution Manager.
“Instead of selling a catalog with 8,000 items, I’ll be able to focus on richer relationships, and a more diverse, targeted, and flexible approach to selling each title,” Vique says. “We’ll be able to work closer with our active bands, helping them sell more themselves, both locally and globally.”
Our Founder and President, SKIPPY, detailed the decision to bring Vique into the fold as part of a larger strategy of personalizing our relationship with our customers. “Bringing Vique on board is part of a long-term plan for our label. Too often with distributors handling a slew of other labels, the creativity and flexibility needed to make that personalized impact is not there. Vique and I, and the rest of the Pirates, have decided to lead by example in true punk D.I.Y. fashion, in terms of promoting and selling our label’s records directly to the worldwide market.”