Welcome Kepi Ghoulie To the Pirates Press Records Family

We are so excited to be working with punk rock veteran Kepi Ghoulie on new and exciting things! Keep your eyes and ears open for more news coming soon. Welcome to the family!

Message from Kepi:

💙🦉💚 BIG BIRTHDAY NEWS ALL AROUND! With the blessing and support of Stardumb Records and Eccentric Pop Records, I am going to be joining the Pirates Press Records crew with the goal of getting the entire KEPI / Ghoulies related catalog reissued and out there in the world!!! 💚🦉💙 wish us luck!!! ALSO DO NOT FORGET that FUN IN THE DARK IS IN PRODUCTION (Groovie Ghoulies version) with Eccentric Pop and Stardumb and there will be an exclusive NEWBURY COMICS version! We are going out with a bang! Thanks to Stefan and Travis and Anne Lepore for years and years of friendship and support! And thanks to Pirates Press for believing in me, past and future! Here’s to endless possibilities!!! All artwork by Tom Neely thank you!!! 💙🦉💚 🐈‍⬛🏴‍☠️


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Kepi2, Pirates Press Records
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