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Welcome Flores y Fuego To the Pirates Press Records Family

We are so excited to welcome Flores y Fuego to the Pirates Press Records!
It only took 15 seconds of seeing the band on an Instagram clip to know we had to have them as part of the Pirates family. We are confident they will blow your mind, as they did ours!

Coming from Guadalajara, Mexico, Flores y Fuego bring a relentless style of hardcore punk rock that breathes new life into a new wave of female-fronted hardcore that is undeniably infectious. With all of their songs entirely in Spanish, fans will instantly connect with their LP Altar, proving once again that music is a universal language. With themes such as gender inequality, unjust violence, and so much more, the album still rings universally true no matter who listens to it.

Altar will be on our store on April 28th and in stores worldwide on May 12th in 3 different variants. Keep your eyes out for more news, and make sure to follow Flores y Fuego on social media!

Flores Y Fuego are:
Melisa Díaz – vocals
Rafael Sotomayor – guitar
Eduardo Torres – drums
Fernando Cárdenas – bass