Voting in the 2024 U.S. election is critical. We will vote whether to continue as a democracy or to give our power away to MAGA authoritarianism.

Voting is a hard won American right. Our ancestors fought so that all citizens would be able to exercise this power. People often say that ‘voting doesn’t matter,’ but if that were true, the far-right wouldn’t be putting so much time and resources into undermining democracy.

There is power in the ballot. We need to vote for city council representatives, state legislators, governors, congresspeople, and presidential candidates who understand democracy means sharing the power, sharing the wealth, and protecting all of us.

MAGA candidates don’t accept election results unless they win: a warning sign that they don’t believe in democracy.

MAGAs want to elect politicians who rule by decree – above the law without any checks on their power. They promise mass arrests, deportations, a nationwide abortion ban, persecuting political opposition, and enshrining “christian” nationalism and racism as the law of the land.

In conjunction with the release of our new 12″ single “What We Gonna Do Now? / Pick And Choose,” Pirates Press Records and The Slackers have compiled a list of websites that give people voting information, their rights, and more. Register! Vote! Make your voice count this year so that it will matter for years to come. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!