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Announcing This Means War!’s New LP “Heartstrings”!

We’re so excited to announce the new record from THIS MEANS WAR! The new album of the band’s signature “Punk From The Lowlands,” entitled HEARTSTRINGS, will be released by PIRATES PRESS RECORDS alongside our friends DEMONS RUN AMOK ENTERTAINMENT over in Europe! Check out the track listing below, and stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!

THIS MEANS WAR! will be appearing at ANY PORT IN A STORM on December 15th in Antwerp, Belgium! Maybe you’ll get to hear them play some of these songs live if you’re there…

1. Why We Fight 
2. Pressure 
3. Hang Em‘ High
4. The Unseen
5. Off With Their Heads (THE OLD FIRM CASUALS cover)
6. Greed Is Out
7. What Are Friends For
8. I Found The One
9. The Hand That Feeds
10. Devil In Disguise
11. Forever