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The Slackers/Papa B // Sic & Mad 7″ Split Available Now!

“Love I Bring” is The Slackers bringing us another toe-tapping sing-a-long classic featuring the legendary Japanese dancehall anthem artist Papa B! This track will instantly get stuck in your head and you’ll catch yourself singing this infectious tune in no time.

On the B-side is a treasure for The Slackers fans. Sic & Mad are Ara, Marcus and Vic from the band – it’s the origin of the Slackers, where Marcus and Vic met. Happy, the singer, is even the reason Dave Hillyard found his way to the band!

All in all, this 7″ is a special treat for fans of The Slackers. We only have a small number of copies on our store to ensure this remains a special record for anyone who picks one up!