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The Ratchets Release Video For “World Trade Lungs” + “First Light” Repress Now Available!

The tragedies of 9/11 occurred almost 18 years ago but it feels like it just happened yesterday. For most people, the images on TV and newspapers circulated around the world were enough to depict the horrors of that day. For New Jersey rockers THE RATCHETS, the horrific incidents are permanently etched into their memories.

Today we bring you the video for “World Trade Lungs” which comes from the band’s latest LP, “First Light.” To coincide with the release of the video, we’ve repressed “First Light” on “HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW” and “NEON ORANGE” vinyl. You can grab these versions here: http://shop.piratespressrecords.com/products/629663-the-ratchets-first-light-12-lp-cd.

Engine comments on the inspiration for “World Trade Lungs”: “World Trade Lungs is about the aftermath of 9/11 and how our country has mishandled the care of first responders who got sick from breathing the dust and debris at Ground Zero. Right now there’s estimates that by 2021 more people will die from World Trade Center related illnesses than during the day itself. In 2020 the September 11th Victim Compensation fund will run-out and there’s not enough to cover all the rescue workers who are sick and dying. A bill to make the funds permanent is up for vote in congress right now, but it’s had trouble getting approved even though it’s a no brainer.

Many of us lived through the bait and switch of invading Iraq after 9/11, it’s recent history, and there’s no excuse. People died on both sides of that war and it was our fault. Not just our government but us too, we are all responsible.

We’re just a punk rock & roll band and a small one at that. Mostly we preach to the choir. But it’s important to make people aware of this issue.

“World Trade Lungs” is one of my favorite songs we’ve done. It shows that music and groups can still stand for something important. I won’t ever forget the sulfur-like stench of Ground Zero and how it permeated everything. If you were in Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11 you smelled it in the air that ran through the HVAC systems of the buildings you were in and it embedded itself in your clothes on the street.

For more information I recommend checking out The FeelGood Foundation (www.fealgoodfoundation.com), they are doing some great work with this issue.”