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The Ratchets “Street Manners” Digital Single & Video Out Now – First of the Band’s New Singles Campaign!

One of the original Pirates Press Records bands, New Jersey punk stalwarts The Ratchets are kicking off their twenty year anniversary as a band with “Street Manners”, the lead-off track of a multi-year campaign of new non-album singles.

Angry, smart, with acute pop arrangements and sensibilities, “Street Manners” transforms working-class frustrations into galvanizing rock & roll; both broad and sincere. With unforgettable choruses and chants, the track sneers at consumerism, advertising and the moneyed class. “Just watch the kids, they always get it right.”

Accompanying the single is “Manners Avenue,” by Strawberry Zaiquiri, a reggae/dub-influenced version of the A-side.

The band has also dropped a self-produced video!

So get going and make sure to mind your “Street Manners” now!