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Stream the Full Sweat LP “Gotta Give It Up” via Visions Magazine

German Magazine VISIONS is exclusively premiering Sweat‘s debut LP Gotta Give It Up the day before it is set hit shelves and your favorite streaming platforms.


Officially out tomorrow, Gotta Give It Up is the debut LP from this southern California hardcore/punk act that brings years of experience and a fresh take to a genre that has been desperately searching for something new. Excitement has been building for this release with the previous premieres of the first two singles, “Hit & Run” and “Machismo.”


If you haven’t yet, after checking out the stream, head on over to our webstore to order your copy of the LP…while they last!


The Los Angeles act – which features members of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, and Dangers – has been described by NoEcho.net as doing “a bang-up job of melding their wide-ranging influences into a style that packs the punch of hardcore, the swing of hard rock, and the balls of punk.”


Grab Gotta Give It Up from our webstore, your favorite punk rock record store, or stream it on your favorite digital platform tomorrow, February 4th, 2022!