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Check out Suzi Moon Unboxing Her Upcoming EP “Call the Shots” in a Video Message

Suzi Moon has received her EPs and did a live video unboxing – watch her reaction as she gets to hold her EP for the first time! Call the Shots go on sale on May 7th on our webstore! Read Suzi‘s message and check out the video below!


One of the greatest feelings as a musician is holding your finished record in your hands for the very first time. Share the joy with me as I unbox Call the Shots out 5/21/21. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Pirates Press Records for helping me bring this baby to life! Paul Roessler, Rikki Styxx, Drew Champion, Davey Warsop, Mass Giorgini, Shiragirl, Alicia Vigil, Justin McGrath, Sky Blue Los Angeles, Reprobate PR, I couldn’t have done this without you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!