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Out Now: Suede Razors’ “All The Hits… …And Misses” CD!

With Suede Razors fans clamoring around the world for more and more music, we’ve made it easy for everyone to enjoy their favorite tracks all on one release! All The Hits… …And Misses compiles 16 tracks onto one CD featuring their earliest releases through their acclaimed mini-LP Razor Stomp!

Suede Razors was meant to be a side-project without any lofty goals other than 4 friends having some fun making music that slightly deviated from their other bands at the time (Harrington Saints, Hounds & Harlots and Sydney Ducks). With a blueprint in mind that included a healthy dose of classic influences running the gamut of glam, pub rock, r&b, punk and rock’n’roll (think The Who, Faces, AC/DC, Garry Glitter), the process went better than expected, and within months the band was in the studio and the first single was hitting the stores (early 2014).

Currently the band are working on new material for a release and planned European tour in early 2019, but grab one of these babies in the meantime to tie you over.

01. Here She Comes 
02. Longshot Kid 
03. Rubies And Pearls 
04. My City 
05. Boys Night Out 
06. (I’m A) Bovver Boy 
07. Passion On The Pitch 
08. Wish The Lads Were Here [RED LONDON] 
09. Berlin Or Bust (single version) 
10. No Time For You 
11. Ready To Rock 
12. TV175 
13. Bovver Girl 
14. Berlin Or Bust 
15. All Nighter 
16. Keep On Rockin’

“…with their catchy blend of 70s punk, rock and roll, glam rock and Oi! they are the love child of Slade and the Old Firm Casuals. Great stuff that just makes you push the repeat button over and over. 9/10.” -Out Of Step 

“Suede Razors is Rock’n’Roll the way it’s supposed to be. Great energy, Highly addictive, and just all around good time music..” -Smash The Discos