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Stomper 98’s New Self-Titled LP Available NOW in the Webstore!

Ever since Stomper 98’s 2018 LP Althergebracht was hailed as a modern Oi! classic, fans have been rabidly awaiting what is next from these legends of German street punk, especially as the band’s 25th anniversary approaches!

The wait is FINALLY over. Much has transpired in the ensuing 5 years, from triumph – such as Sebi releasing his first LP of English language material with the debut of his band Plizzken – to tragedy – such as the workplace accident that crushed Sebi’s foot, leaving him bedridden for nearly half a year and needing to re-learn how to walk.

Through all of these ups and downs, Stomper 98, as a band and as individuals, persevere, rising above challenges and emerging stronger than ever. Sebi is joined by a legendary group of international street punk legends as bandmates, including Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, The Old Firm Casuals), Tommi Tox, Holgi Stomper, Sille Riot, and Stefan H!

This group have assembled to bring forth the most powerful and essential album of their storied career, so essential that it had to be self-titled. This is Stomper 98.

The LP is live on our store now in two versions: 12” Black Ice and 12” Black & Silver Galaxy Vinyl!

Click below to pre-order the vinyl from our webstore, and get a taste of what’s to come by checking out the videos for “Alex – Schatten der Nacht” and “Außenseiter!”