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Starving Wolves Release Pirates Press Records Debut Single “Please Listen” via Digital Platforms, Proceeds To Benefit Apache Skateboards’ Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative on Native American Reservations

From Starving Wolves:

Today, Starving Wolves are both humbled and honored to release our first single, “Please Listen,” on Pirates Press Records.

It’s important for us to release “Please Listen” in the month of September to coincide with Suicide Prevention Month. Understandably, we often focus on the end result of suicide and not the cause. Many young people find themselves alone and without the resources or encouragement to express themselves while also lacking the ability to seek proper care. Through the art of expression, whether it be music, painting or skateboarding, many of our youth find community, spiritual healing and individualism. We feel these are the things that help us reach out when in need and give us the strength to carry on!

In an effort to help promote such an important mission, Starving Wolves and Pirates Press Records are teaming up with Apache Skateboards to raise funds to aid in its mission of youth suicide prevention, specifically on Native American reservations. Apache Skateboards, founded by Douglas Miles, builds skate parks on these reservations and provides young skaters with the resources necessary to grow in an environment that promotes positivity and individualism while also ensuring their safety.

All proceeds from “Please Listen” through streaming revenue and downloads via Bandcamp will go directly towards Apache Skateboards. If you would like to make an additional donation, visit the Apache Skateboards website at the link below.

ART BY: JayMf Roberts