Re Volts Logo Shadow New, Pirates Press Records


For the Bay Area punk scene, this band is very much like a patch sewn on a sleeve that has been transferred from jacket to jacket over the past decade. Loved, treasured, and a huge part of so many wonderful memories – Spike and his band of skillful and talented cohorts never cease to impress, always entertaining the crowd with the love and passion that they all exude in each song, each bit of banter, and everything in between.

In the downtime from leading the worldwide rock sensation Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Re-Volts has always been Spike’s number one passion (besides pizza). While band members have passed (RIP Heiko!) and others have moved on, Spike continues to lead this band to new heights, dishing out passionate songs that get people moving, shaking their hips and singing along!

Their newest treasure is this three song 7” EP for Leeches, out July 5th on Pirates Press Records. Take a spin and LET IT BLEED!





Radio: Steve Theo / Doug Blake / Dom Paolo (Pirate! Promotions)