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New Red & Black Striped Shirts Now Available!

Ahoy, mateys! One of the many things Pirates & punkers seem to always agree on is that a red & black striped shirt is a look that never goes out of style! So, whether you prefer hunting for buried treasure on the high seas or at your local record store, you can’t go wrong with these amazing custom shirts! Just the latest in our ongoing efforts to push the envelope to deliver awesome new records and merch!

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Expect more to come in this style, but for right now check out these sweet looking designs from us…and that motley crew known from Atlantic to Pacific and beyond as THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS!

The three PIRATES shirts are in stock now! Our classic “Bottle” logo, as well as our Jolly Roger logo…both available in white print, and the Jolly Roger also available in a metallic gold print worthy of any chest of dubloons! The Jolly Roger & BSP designs are available on unisex adult shirts, fitted cut shirts, and youth sizes, so you can gear up your whole crew!

The BSP shirts will be MADE TO ORDER and ARE A LIMITED ONE-TIME RUN! We will stop taking orders on September 7th and they will NOT be available again. That gives you only ONE WEEK, so get your orders in NOW!

Head to our webstore to get yours…no treasure map necessary!