Plizzken’s Debut LP “…And Their Paradise is Full of Snakes” is Available Everywhere Today!

Happy Release Day to Plizzken! The hotly-anticipated LP …And Their Paradise is Full of Snakes is available NOW everywhere records are sold, as well as on all the top digital download and streaming platforms!

Ever since Sebi of Stomper 98 announced his new project Plizzken, fans around the world have been clamoring to get their hands on this incredible debut album!

…And Their Paradise is Full of Snakes showcases everything that has made Sebi a force to be reckoned with in punk rock, and this is his first record sung entirely in English! This album is packed with 13 anthemic rock ‘n roll tracks that will be sure to please Stomper 98 fans while also inviting a new group of fans who will be instantly hooked by these huge-sounding songs!

Pick up the LP at your favorite fine record store, or get a copy while they last at the PPR webstore, where we’re also stocked up with some awesome Plizzken shirts! Get geared up to get PLIZZKENIZED!

See the links below to download or stream the entire record on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, or the platform of your choice, pick up all the vinyl & merch you want below, and watch the videos for the singles “In the Gutter,” “Rude & Wild” & “Dear All Happy People!”

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