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Out Today: The Bar Stool Preachers and Territories!

Today marks the release of two amazing new records – The Bar Stool Preachers‘ Grazie Governo and Territories‘ self-titled LP!

Grazie Governo (“Thank You Government”) is the album that everyone angry and frustrated with the current political situation has been waiting for. The intelligent and passionate lyrics are backed by the unique, catchy, and creative songwriting that this band is becoming known for. It truly exemplifies the band’s incredible talents and uniqueness, and the energy and commitment that these UK upstarts are turning so many heads with.

To see such potential in a new band and album like Territories, and to see how quickly viral the songs have become, has been inspiring. Every single track on this album will strike a chord with someone, and be their favorite song this summer! The full-length was even pushed back to accommodate releasing all TWELVE songs as individual PICTURE FLEXI singles prior to the release of the whole album.