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The Old Firm Casuals reissue “A Butcher’s Banquet” on 12″ UV Digitally Printed Vinyl in Deluxe Package, Available Now!

Bay Area rock ‘n roll stalwarts THE OLD FIRM CASUALS have been giving some of their back catalog the deluxe treatment via PIRATES PRESS RECORDS reissues lately, and now the time has come to pull out all the stops for their EP A BUTCHER’S BANQUET!

This incredible package will blow fans away, whether they are hearing the EP for the first time or buying a new copy of a record they’ve dropped the needle on a thousand times! Made using our incredible new UV Digitally Printed Vinyl process, this incredible 17 minute EP is all on one side of the 12″ record, mastered at 45 rpm. The playable side is transparent Blood Red vinyl, with the band’s logo visible through the grooves from the other side of the record! The flipside of the record is fully printed with full-color artwork, looking like an even better quality version of a picture disc!

Not only does the vinyl itself look incredible, but the packaging is mind-boggling as well. The original album art is printed on the record’s sleeve. A gold mirrored foil insert creates a border behind the record, and when you pull that insert out, it opens up into a massive gatefold…mirrored gold foil outside, and a lyric sheet with album art spread inside! The whole thing really must be seen to be believed!

And it’s available NOW in the PIRATES PRESS RECORDS webstore. So what are you waiting for? Grab A BUTCHER’S BANQUET and DIG IN!

Also, today is the FINAL DAY of our current round of BLACK LIVES MATTER auctions to benefit Oakland’s EQUAL JUSTICE SOCIETY and COLOR OF CHANGE. One of our auction packages includes a TEST PRESSING of this very record, AS WELL AS an advance copy of the record as released, with all the bells and whistles listed above! It’s the perfect package for the OFC fan who wants to go above and beond as a vinyl collector, while contributing to the cause of racial justice and better tomorrow, at the same time! There are plenty of other amazing rarities available from PPR artists so make sure to check these auctions out, and bid hard before the auctions close at 3 pm PDT TODAY!