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Announcing The New Territories 7″!

With the huge release of their debut self-titled LP in the summer of 2018, TERRITORIES put themselves on the map in an unforgettable way. Pirates and fans alike have not taken that album (or the 12 flexis!) off the turntable – constantly clamoring for more! These seasoned veterans have been playing loads of all the big punk shows up in Calgary, and simultaneously developing a loyal following down in the states and across the world…

With Territories’ first US shows happening this October (including our Rock The Ship festivities), we’re so excited to unveil two BRAND NEW SONGS that will surely throw more fuel on this exciting fire!

These two songs (along with the upcoming picture flexi release for their single “The Lockdown”) are only just the start too! The end of 2019 and all of 2020 are going to be very exciting in Territories-land! More new music and tour date announcements coming VERY soon!!