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New Lion’s Law LP, Territories / Vicious Cycles Split 7″ Available Now!

Hello to all of our friends all over the world! As quarantines continue, all of us at PIRATES are putting all of our energy into the best thing that we can do to brighten up these days: bringing you more of the best punk rock the world has to offer! It’s a new release Friday! Today, we have two brand new killer releases from two different countries (and three different bands!), so let’s get right to it!

First up, we have THE PAIN, THE BLOOD, AND THE SWORD, the brand new LP from French punk rock stalwarts, LION’S LAW! What more can we say about LION’S LAW that their legions of worldwide fans haven’t already told you?

Well, how about this? The band are reaching beyond anything they have done to date, finding new punk & hardcore sounds to blow audiences away while sticking true to the skinhead/Oi! core that has made them an institution! Prepare yourself for the experience that is THE PAIN, THE BLOOD, AND THE SWORD. It is guaranteed to convert tons of new fans to the cause. If you are already in the know, then watch out! THE PAIN, THE BLOOD, AND THE SWORD will remind you of everything you love about this band, while giving you a whole bunch of new reasons, to boot!

For your first taste of what we’re talking about, check out the video for “THE REAPER” below! And get a load of the THREE new shirts, and new 1″ button we have available, while you’re at it…all available NOW from PIRATES PRESS RECORDS!
Next up, from the land of Canada, two bands of motorcycle-riding knuckleheads come together on a split 7″! TERRITORIES and THE VICIOUS CYCLES may share a home country, but it wasn’t until they met up aboard an aircraft carrier in the San Francisco Bay at PIRATES PRESS RECORDS‘ 15th anniversary celebration ROCK THE SHIP that they became fast friends…emphasis on the FAST! Yes, it turns out these rowdy biker-punkers found they had an awful lot in common, and sure enough, a split just HAD to happen, and now we couldn’t be more stoked to say it is finally here! Open up the throttle and ride with a killer new track from each band, as TERRITORIES rev up on one side with “PRAIRIE TWISTER,” while THE VICIOUS CYCLES get pulled over for going dangerously fast with “PROBLEM OFFICER” on the flipside!