“King of the Avenue” is the debut LP from Bay Area natives HUNTING LIONS – a raw, unfiltered expression of life’s highs and lows detailed through Ben Coleman’s melodic and powerful voice. This record isn’t just a collection of tracks; it’s a blending of the unapologetic energy of their previous EPs, “Light” and “Dark,” into a cohesive narrative.

With a background rooted in Northern California acts like Swingin’ Utters, Roadside Bombs, and US Bombs, Hunting Lions bring a wealth of experience to the table. “King of the Avenue” encapsulates the band’s evolution, embracing the diversity of their other bands to create a well-rounded rock ‘n roll sound with a punk attitude. The album seamlessly transitions from the heartfelt optimism of tracks like “Little Girl” to the raw, unfiltered critique of societal issues in songs such as “The City.”

In “King of the Avenue,” Hunting Lions explores the human experience with unflinching honesty. Each track tells a story, exploring themes of love, loss, and the ever-changing dynamics of life. The album embodies the spirit of the Bay Area punk scene – a tight-knit community where passion and creativity know no limits.This is not just an album; it’s a statement, a declaration that punk rock is very much alive and kicking, and it’s found its voice in “King of the Avenue.”

1. The City
3. War
4. BNO
5. Dead Generation

6. Little Girl
7. Maggie’s Date
8. Good Riddance
9. Hungry Heart
10. Nothing Wrong

Pressing Info:
250pcs. – 12″ Black Vinyl
250pcs. – 12″ Ultra Clear w/ Black, Kelly Green, Blood Red & Piss Yellow Splatter