Hunting Lions Press Photo 2022 By Greg Davis, Pirates Press Records

The San Francisco Bay Area punk scene has been the birthplace of legendary bands over the years such as Rancid, Dead Kennedys, Swingin’ Utters, and many, many, more. Over that time, friendships were struck between bands from this Northern California region, creating one of the most tight-knit music communities across the country. It’s this bond and mutual love for punk that forged Hunting Lions, a group of veteran Santa Cruz and Sonoma County musicians coming together with years of experience and a fresh take on the genre. This group of veterans consists of members of standout acts like The Swingin’ Utters, Roadside Bombs, The Beltones, US Bombs, Tiger Army, and more. In their relatively short time together, Hunting Lions has already shared the stage with top bands like The Toasters, Booze & Glory, The Generators, The Drowns, Riverboat Gamblers, and Manic Hispanic and will be making their Punk Rock Bowling and Rebellion Festival debuts later this year. Songs like “Dead Generation” and “The City” are poignantly crafted to criticize the socio-economic gap that widens in the Bay Area. “‘The City‘ is about the techno-gentrification of San Francisco. It’s a city that embodied working class freedom and artistic expression but has become Louis Vuitton in the fog,” says frontman Ben Coleman. Hunting Lions came together during the pandemic to write and record their debut self-titled album. Currently, the band has promo copies of their LP available on 12” black vinyl. The official release is due early this spring on Pirates Press Records. Hunting Lions are: Ben Coleman – vocals Jeremy Catrambone – guitar Christopher Nascimento – bass Greg Utter (McEntee) – Drums Jesse White – guitar
PPR316, Pirates Press Records


“The opening track, “Little Girl,” is a top song of the year contender…” (Paul Silver, Jersey Beat)

“If this record is anything to go by, I really can’t wait to hear how the band develops from here on.” (Fear And Loathing Zine)

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KAMP – Tucson, AZ
KBRE – Merced, CA
KFQX Racketeer Radio – Seattle, WA
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KGLT – Bozeman, MT
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KXSF – San Francisco, CA
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Hunting Lions Press Photo 2022 By Greg Davis Scaled, Pirates Press Records

Photo Credit: Greg Davis