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Available Now: PPR400: For Family and Flag, Vol 2!

Surprise! We simply can’t keep it a secret any longer: For Family and Flag, Volume 2 is here, and you can order it right now!

Following the tradition established by releasing the massive triple LP One Family, One Flag as PPR200, and its spiritual successor, For Family and Flag, Volume 1 as PPR300, this incredible compilation marks the landmark 400th release in our label catalog!

As with previous volumes, the collection of songs and artists gathered here simultaneously represents a look back at some of our favorites, a snapshot of where the label is now…and a signpost to the future. Some of these artists have been on this journey with us since the early days, while others represent the current face of the label. Still others are newcomers to the family, with some even making their first appearance on Pirates vinyl.

Heard among the grooves of this record are hand-picked favorites by The Inciters, The Slackers, Territories, Billy Liar, The Drowns, Hunting Lions, DeeCRACKS, Teenage Bottlerocket, Flores y Fuego, Suzi Moon, and Stomper 98, as well as a wealth of brand new, unreleased tracks from Starving Wolves, The Complicators, NOi!SE, Sweat, and Brigata Vendetta!

It’s no coincidence that we release these anniversary records around a US holiday where it is customary to express gratitude. Nobody gets to put out 400 records without a massively strong community behind them. All of us at Pirates are so grateful that with partnerships with such massively talented & hard-working artists, and the continued support of all of you, around the world, we get to keep doing what we love, day after day, year after year!

For Family and Flag, Volume 2 is available in our webstore now on 12” Blood Red or classic 12” Black vinyl! In the spirit of gratitude for all of our supporters, we are offering 10% off our entire webstore for any order including the compilation, from right now through 11:59 pm (Pacific) on Monday, November 27th. Pre-orders begin shipping December 4th, and the album will be available worldwide on December 8th!

Complete tracklist:
The Inciters – Bring Back The Weekend
The Slackers – New York Berlin
Territories – Hello Outsider
Billy Liar – Hogmanay
The Drowns – Just The Way She Goes
Hunting Lions – The City
DeeCRACKS – Where We Belong
Teenage Bottlerocket – So Dumb

Flores y Fuego – Soy Tu Voz
Starving Wolves – Sister*
The Complicators – Another Round*
Suzi Moon – Animal
NOi!SE – What We’ve Gained*
Sweat – Pure Display*
Brigata Vendetta – Embrace*
Stomper 98 – Alex – Schatten der Nacht

*previously unreleased