SEIZED UP, one of the newest members of the hardcore punk scene featuring members of BL’AST, GOOD RIDDANCE, THE DISTILLERS, and FAST ASLEEP, emerged during the chaos of a world gripped by an unprecedented pandemic. In an era marked by increased social strife, economic uncertainty, and political chaos, SEIZED UP found inspiration amidst the turmoil. The band’s music became a beacon of urgency and social responsibility, reflecting the shared determination of its members.

Their debut album, ‘Brace Yourself,’ served as a defiant response to the dystopian landscape they observed. Released during the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album struck a chord with a world grappling with political unrest, gentrification, escalating homelessness, and racial tensions. The record not only resonated with listeners but also captivated critics, earning acclaim for its raw, unapologetic energy.

In a world caught in a virtual purgatory, SEIZED UP’s music transcends the chaos. The band believes that their songs, infused with passion and purpose, have the power to cut through the noise and make a difference. Their debut album, ‘Brace Yourself,’ stands as a testament to this belief—a sonic manifesto that speaks volumes about the state of the world and the band’s unwavering commitment to addressing it.

Building on the success of their first album, SEIZED UP is gearing up for their next chapter. With the impending release of their second album on the horizon, the band is set to hit the studio in February 2024, channeling their righteous fury into new tracks. As they prepare to unleash their latest sonic onslaught, SEIZED UP remains steadfast in their mission, reminding the world that in times of crisis, actions and music can speak louder than words.I




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