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The Drowns & Plizzken Surprise Release Split 7″ – Out Now on Limited Oxblood Vinyl

A new year means new music and we are starting it off on the proper foot on day 1 of 2023!


This split connects two of PPR‘s shining stars, The Drowns and Plizzken, with two brand new tracks that will whet your appetite for more from both of them.



The A-side is The Drowns‘ new track “The Lost Boys of Suburbia” which lets guitarist Andy Wylie‘s vocals come front and center for a rock ‘n roll ripper. 


The B-side has Plizzken‘s “One More Time” which teases from more of what’s to come from these German veterans later this year. This track is a catchy, straight-ahead punk rock tune that will have you pumping your fist in the air singing along.


The split was pressed on a small run of 7″ Oxblood vinyl…so we know copies won’t last long. Get yours today!