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New Video for The Drowns’ “Look What We’ve Become” Released, from “Lunatics” EP (Available Now)

Check out the brand new video for “Look What We’ve Become” by The Drowns below, hot on the heels of the previously released videos for “Lunatics” and “Live Like Yer Dyin’.” These songs are from the freshly-released six song EP Lunatics, which is officially available everywhere now!

This new 6 song EP once again saw The Drowns and producer Ted Hutt (who produced their amazing Under Tension album!) team up to give us another set of rock ‘n roll tunes for us to play on repeat.

We’ve got 3 of the versions up in our webstore – 12″ Black, 12″ Red, and 12″ White w/ Red & Blue Splatter! The 12″ Blue version is the band’s exclusive version and the only way you can get that is by getting a copy from their merch table! They just announced a west coast tour for June – if you can make a date you must go see them! Tourd ates are all the way at the bottom of this post, don’t miss them!


Lunatics showcases a tremendous growth in The Drowns‘ songwriting. Armed with their usual bevy of huge riffs, soaring choruses, and a whole lotta rock ‘n roll, this EP immediately catapults the band into a new stratosphere – making them the band you must listen to in 2022!