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Pre-Order the Debut LP from Brigata Vendetta – This Is How Democracy Dies (members of Harrington Saints & Bum City Saints)

The debut LP from Brigata Vendetta, This is How Democracy Dies, is available NOW for pre-order in our webstore!

This band features veteran heavy hitters of the Bay Area punk scene, Darrel Wojick & Mike Caputo of Harrington Saints, along with Brian Zobel of Bum City Saints! Darrel describes their music as specifically inspired by the 80s hardcore punk of his youth, differentiating it from both the Oi! of Harrington Saints and the bovver rock of Suede Razors…and injecting the music with a new energy and sense of fun for the band members.

Fans got a taste of the album via the “1000 Cuts” single, and “Embrace,” which was featured on the For Family and Flag, Volume 2 compilation!

The full album is available for pre-order NOW on classic 12” Black vinyl and 12” Solar Flare vinyl! It will be available everywhere on February 2nd!