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Black Lives Matter Benefit Auctions, Round 3!

To top off raising OVER $3500 for the ANTI POLICE-TERROR PROJECT and the ACLU RACIAL JUSTICE PROGRAM in the first round of auctions two weeks ago, last week we raised more than $3300 for EQUAL JUSTICE SOCIETY and COLOR OF CHANGE. We could not be more proud of everyone who participated, shared, and otherwise showed support! The global demonstrations are not stopping, and we’re not stopping either!

The four organizations mentioned about have all been working tirelessly to help educate and mobilize people (and legislation!) to confront some of the biggest issues, and really make a difference – and these groups and others are seeing actual WINS that we should all celebrate, and be continually motivated by – removing police from the Oakland School District being one local victory we’re extremely proud of out here!

At PIRATES, and as punks and skins, hardcore kids and metal heads and everything in between, we MUST stand together and support human rights and everyone’s equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Especially black people, people of color and other traditionally oppressed communities. Until we are all safe, nobody is safe. Until we are all free, nobody is free.

In addition to learning and educating, standing up and speaking out, raising a fist, marching, and all the other ways we are helping bring awareness to this issue and fight for change, these auctions are a great way to help finance and support people on the front lines; some of those with the most potential to change public opinion, legislation, and ultimately the future our children will inherit.

This third round of auctions features ultra-rare test pressings, prints, and more from RANCID, COCK SPARRER, SUBHUMANS, CJ RAMONE, TIM TIMEBOMB, BAR STOOL PREACHERS, CHARGER, BOOZE & GLORY, THE RE-VOLTS, TEMPLARS, and MORE!

The money raised in this third week of auction will be split evenly, four ways, between ANTI POLICE-TERROR PROJECT, the ACLU RACIAL JUSTICE PROGRAM, EQUAL JUSTICE SOCIETY, and COLOR OF CHANGE – to help them continue their hard work, one victory at a time!

We hope you will stand with us, and with #BlackLivesMatter – and support these auctions – and add some AMAZING and RIDICULOUSLY RARE vinyl to your collections in the process… Good luck bidders!!!

The auctions are active now and will end on Sunday July 12th at 3 PM PDT.

Head to piratespressrecords.com/auction to place a bid!

Additionally, we still have limited quantities (only 50 made!) of these amazing BOWLING BAGS! Each bag is custom-embroidered on both sides with the slogan “THIS BALL KILLS FASCISTS” on one side, and the “ONE FAMILY. ONE LANE.” logo on the other. They were going to be used for something special at PUNK ROCK BOWLING this year, but we think this is actually putting them to better use. Proceeds from all sales will be donated to the APTP and the ACLU.

Get yours while they last at piratespressrecords.com/bowling-bag.

We hope you will stand with us, and with Black Lives Matter – and support these initiatives.