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Bar Stool Preachers – “Soundtrack To Your Apocalypse” Available Now On 12″ Picture Disc!

What do you do when there’s a worldwide pandemic that’s about to lock everyone inside for months? Well, if you’re THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS, you channel that energy and emotion into two brand new songs for the world to enjoy!

BSP premiered the EP SOUNDTRACK TO YOUR APOCALYPSE as a FREE download on THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE and on BANDCAMP, while offering the option of donations to the band, who in turn will donate a portion of the proceeds to NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER! This was quickly followed by a truly inspiring music video featuring the band and countless friends and fans, filmed from their respective homes! A second video followed, featuring haunting images of empty city streets in London & Brighton. The digital downloads remain available for all to pay what they choose, but of course, fans everywhere clamored for copies they could hold and put on their turntables, and we wouldn’t be PIRATES PRESS RECORDS if we didn’t oblige that demand, in the form of this super limited edition picture disc!

Available now from the PPR WEBSTORE, it features the brand new tracks called “WHEN THIS WORLD ENDS” and “STATE OF EMERGENCY!” And this incredible-looking picture disc (housed in a picture sleeve, no less!) is the ideal showcase for the truly incredible artwork by ZOMBIETEETH!

More than a record, more than a collector’s item, it was important that this release carry on the charitable mission of the digital release. That’s why $15 from each sale benefits NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER, in turn supporting the families of frontline workers in the UK! Thus are BSP able to keep us dancing and singing along under lockdown, all while helping the families of those that risk their health every day to contain the spread of COVID-19.