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We stand with those demonstrating against racism & police brutality. We stand with Black Lives Matter. We have witnessed and participated in these demonstrations ourselves over the past 2 weeks – many violently curbed by that same police violence & systemic racism that people are standing up against.

In addition to learning & educating, standing up & speaking out, raising a fist, marching, and all the other ways we are helping bring awareness to this issue and fight for change, we are introducing a series of auctions to help finance & support the people on the front lines; some of those with the most potential to change public opinion, legislation, and ultimately the future our children will inherit.

The winning bidders of these auctions will be supporting two such essential causes: the Oakland-based Anti Terror-Police Project & the ACLU Racial Justice Program…and they will take home some amazing, ultra-rare test pressings, prints, and collectibles from the likes of COCK SPARRER, LARS FREDERIKSEN & THE BASTARDS, SUBHUMANS, THE SLACKERS, THE AGGROLITES, THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS, THE RESTARTS, CHARGER, LANDFILL CREW, NOi!SE, THE DROWNS, TERRITORIES, LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG OF ONE, and more!

Visit piratespressrecords.com/auction to see everything we are auctioning and place your bid now!

Additionally, we are selling these crazy limited (only 50 made!) BOWLING BAGS! Each bag is custom-embroidered on both sides with the slogan “THIS BALL KILLS FASCISTS” on one side, and the “ONE FAMILY. ONE LANE.” logo on the other. They were going to be used for something special at PUNK ROCK BOWLING this year, but we think this is actually putting them to better use. Proceeds from all sales will be donated to the same organizations as the auction proceeds.

Get yours while they last at piratespressrecords.com/bowling-bag.

We hope you will stand with us, and with Black Lives Matter – and support these initiatives.