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The Drowns’ 12″ Single “Hold Fast Demons” Coming Out This Fall

Fresh off of dropping one of the most talked about 7”s of the year, we’re so excited to unveil the newest release from THE DROWNS! “Hold Fast Demons” contains 2 tracks from the band’s upcoming full-length “Under Tension” (coming in 2020!), we knew we had to do something truly unique with a few of the songs! This one-of-a-kind 12” will look like any normal picture disc at first, until you realize that unlike every other picture disc, the leaves you see in the wreath are actually transparent! This one-sided record is digitally printed on the non-groove side, with two separate passes through the machine, creating one very cool (and very limited!) brand new style of 12“ that’s pressed on real vinyl AND sounds great unlike many picture discs.

This teaser for their upcoming LP “Under Tension” is limited to 500 copies so when these go on sale you’ll need to get one quickly! MAYBE, just maybe, the band might give us a sneak peek of one of these songs when they play ROCK THE SHIP on Saturday, October 19th! Tickets are available for that show at ROCKTHESHIPFESTIVAL.COM and stay tuned for more info on “Hold Fast Demons” in the coming weeks!