45 Adapters Press Photo 01, Pirates Press Records

45 ADAPTERS is five friends who dress well and drink heavily. They describe their music as a truck full of COCK SPARRER records crashing into a truck full of OTIS REDDING records. This is…Maximum Oi’N’B!

Even that description fails to truly cover the broad sweep of influences which can be heard in their music. Coming from deep roots in classic Oi! and street rock, 45 ADAPTERS also brings smart mod sounds, nods to 60’s soul and reggae, glam, pub rock and even hints of classic rock to the table. The end result is a truly unique sound combined with original subject matter in what can be a stagnant genre.

45 ADAPTERS have been lucky to share the stage with many notable lights of the streetpunk scene, including INFA RIOT, TEMPLARS, GIUDA, STOMPER 98, and THE BUSINESS. In addition, they are favorites in the NYC area, playing with bands from genres as diverse as mod, ska, hardcore and garage.

Emerging out of the cloud that was 2020 with new band members and new songs, the band is back with a long-anticipated new EP NOW OR NEVER, which really packs the punch everyone has been hoping for.

Coming out swinging, this beloved band delivers hit after hit on this absolutely eye-catching 12” that looks like it was printed on glass. The title track, a rip roaring addition to the PIRATES PRESS RECORDS sampler FOR FAMILY AND FLAG VOLUME 1, wet the whistle for fans across the globe…and the remaining tracks stacked up on this incredible EP raucously complete the package!

Summarizing the sentiment felt by many, it really is NOW OR NEVER! Time to take a stand.



Chapman Radio / KNAB – Orange, CA
KBGA – Missoula, MT
KFAI – Minneapolis, MN
KGAR – Lemoore, CA
KGLT – Bozeman, MT
KFCF – Fresno, CA
WERA – Arlington, VA
WGBK – Glenview, IL
WHFR – Dearborn, MI
WMPG – Portland, ME
WMSE – Milwaukee, WI
WMUH – Allentown, PA
WODU – Norfolk, VA
WRRG – River Grove, IL
WUNH – Durham, NH
WUTK – Knoxville, TN






Radio: Steve Theo / Dom Paolo / Doug Blake (Pirate! Promotions)