The Drowns 2021 Promo 300x300, Pirates Press Records

For the bands that really make a difference, there are releases that prove to be the proverbial ‘tipping point’ – taking them to another level, exposing them to giant new waves of fans… “Under Tension“ definitely had its game-changing moments – but ultimately was hampered by a pandemic hell-bent on preventing this band from taking those tracks across the globe with serious gusto!

….This record, oh, this record… an EP at that, is without a doubt the one that will prove to be that game-changing moment for the vast majority within earshot. It includes epic ballads and heart-wrenching, truly game-changing barn-burning life-altering tunes, for TODAY.

This is the real deal. If you’re into PUNK, you are into this band, and this record is epic!

The power and presence that this band will throw in your face in every way, at every opportunity is an extension of “Under Tension” – Profound, somewhat intimidating, and most importantly – overwhelmingly welcoming… and noble! Best get out of the way, or better yet, sign up and join the fight!


Stomp & Shout Tour 2022:
07/19/2022 – Koln, DE – Sonic Ballroom
07/20/2022 – Hamburg, DE – Indra
07/21/2022 – Glaubitz, DE – Back to Future Festival
07/22/2022 – Winsen, DE – Südwinsen Festival
07/23/2022 – Berlin, DE – Wild at Heart
07/24/2022 – Hannover, DE – Vereinsgaststätte SV Arminia Hannover
07/25/2022 – Bochum, DE – Trompete
07/26/2022 – Aachen, DE – Wild Rover
07/27/2022 – Karlsruhe, DE – Alte Hackerel
07/28/2022 – Zürich, CH – Dynamo
07/29/2022 – München, DE – Import / Export
07/30/2022 – Bocholt, DE – Vogelhaus
07/31/2022 – Oostmaale, BE – Klub Kmalle
08/01/2022 – Paris, FR – Paris Punk Rock Summer
08/02/2022 – Nürnberg, DE – Kantine
08/03/2022 – Leipzig, DE – Conne Island
08/04/2022 – Eisenhüttenstadt, DE – Subculture Holiday
08/05/2022 – Münster, DE – Sputnikhalle
08/06/2022 – Duffel, BE – Brakrock
08/07/2022 – Blackpool, UK – Rebellion Fest


Do yourself a favor, and don’t miss out on the first great punk record of 2020.” – PunkNews

With absolutely zero fluff, and a barrage of scorchers like “Demons“, “Hold Fast“, “Black Lung“, and the “Cue The Violins” … this one is going to be an instant classic! Guaranteed.” – The Daily Tune

…The Drowns stick their necks out, stick to their guns and in doing so have created an early contender for album of the year!” – Mass Movement Magazine

Radio airplay:
CHMR – St. John’s, NF
WSIA – Staten Island, NY
KAOS – Olympia, WA
The Spy / KOSU – Oklahoma City, OK
KFAI – Minneapolis, MN
KDHX – St. Louis, MO
KVSC – St. Cloud, MN
CILU – Thunder Bay, ON
KZFR – Chico, CA
WMSE – Milwaukee, WI
KPCA – Petaluma, CA
WHFR – Dearborn, MI
WIDR – Kalamazoo, MI
WNCW – Spindale, NC
WMBR – Cambridge, MA
WERU – East Orland, ME
WUMD.ROCKS – N. Dartmouth, MA
WLFR – Galloway, NJ
WRRG – River Grove, IL
WRHU – Hempstead, NY
KPFT – Houston, TX
KJEE – Santa Barbara, CA
KXRN – Laguna Beach, CA
KBRE – Merced, CA
WQRR – Columbus, MS
KXRN – Laguna Beach, CA
KXRY / KRXY / XRAY – Portland, OR
KBLU / Aggie Radio – Logan, UT
KCSU – Fort Collins, CO
WMUH – Allentown, PA
WUNH – Durham, NH
KBMF – Butte, MT
KMUD – Redway, CA
KRNU – Lincoln, NE
WODU – Norfolk, VA
CFUV – Victoria, BC
KRXP – Colorado Springs, CO



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Radio: Steve Theo / Doug Blake / Dom Paolo (Pirate! Promotions)