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TERRITORIES formed in 2015 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with the reunion of four longtime friends and prior members of western Canadian punk rock staple, KNUCKLEHEAD. After two decades of playing honest music, they continue to focus their collective efforts on writing songs with thoughtful lyrics and compelling melodies.

When The Day Is Done is the highly anticipated record and the perfect follow up to the explosive first impression made by TERRITORIES‘ debut self-titled LP in 2018.

This is a record that will leave you flipping it endlessly, only to take breaks to dive back into their previous material. It’s short and fast, and you literally can’t pack more hooks and sing-alongs, and important messages onto two sides of a 10”!

This album may be called “When the Day is Done,” but that is most certainly not the case with this band and the momentum they are building, connecting with passionate activists, and making an impact in their communities across the globe! Through videos and flexis for songs like “The Lockdown” (targeted at sparking discussions on the benefits and pitfalls of lockdown drills at schools), this band has been able to add additional dimensions to their music, making a real impact and getting real conversations started about improving the world that we all live in.

TERRITORIES‘ 12 track debut album blew people away, the few singles that have been released since have shown people that this band and their songwriting will continue to evolve and progress, and have a significant impact. This EP truly hammers that message home; and like those before it, will also leave people wanting even more!



It’s packed full of urgency and energy and will get your blood pumping in no time at all.” – Colin’s Punk Rock World

Classic street rock’n’roll puts it fittingly, with equal parts English oi! and slick greaser punk rock.” – Razorcake

“If you only pick up one punk record this year, I’d make it this one…” – The Daily Vault

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Band contact: territories.punkband@gmail.com

Publicity contact: publicity@piratespress.com

Radio: Steve Theo / Doug Blake / Dom Paolo (Pirate! Promotions)