MARCHING ORDERS: "Days Gone By" 12"

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This is the amazing debut full-length from this leading Australian streetpunk/Oi! band from Melbourne. With 2 self-released CD EPs as well as 2 split 7"s and a 10" EP on Longshot Music under their belts already, these lads have proven their worth on the current global Oi! scene with their no-nonsense style of skinhead rock'n'roll that is heavily influenced by their local roots. Paying homage to the Sharpie culture of Melbourne in the early 70's, this album offers not only 14 incredible songs influenced by the likes of AC/DC and ROSE TATTOO, but a brief history lesson as well on the Australian skinhead and sharpie scene. If you are into THE TEMPLARS or anything remotely skinhead/Oi!, then you really, really need this album. Available on Black Vinyl and includes a CD version.

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