COCK SPARRER: "Shock Troops" LP

Starting at: $10.00

Deluxe package with 7":
Packaging these two records was a no-brainer. This really is the quintessential CockSParrer. If you don't own these two, they are a must. If you do, and you're a collector or a DJ, this would still be a brilliant addition to your collection. The packaging is top notch, and they've both been remastered for vinyl to sound as good as they possibly can! This version is limited to 250 pieces.

Standard package:
Available in both black and colored vinyl, this pinnacle record is something that should be available, and affordable to everyone looking to invest in some punk roots. Without sacrificing the quality of the vinyl itself, this version is just a little less intense on the packaging side than the casewrapped collectors version that comes with the "England Belongs to Me" bonus 7". These uncoated jackets are still top notch, and the mastering for vinyl has this sounding as good or better than it ever has! For the kids...


First Pressing 
- 12" Black Vinyl [385pcs.]
- 12" Oxblood Vinyl [275pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Clear Vinyl [110pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Second Pressing
- 12" Black, White, & Blood Red Tri-Color Vinyl [500pcs. - SOLD OUT] 

Third Pressing
- 12" Olive Green, Grey, & Black Triple AsideBside Vinyl [1000pcs - SOLD OUT]

Fourth Pressing
- 12" Milky Clear w/ Black Circle Swatches w/ Grey & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs.]

Fifth Pressing
- 12" "St. George's Cross" Vinyl (White with a Blood Red Cross) [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Sixth Pressing
- 12" Glow In The Dark Highlighter Yellow Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Seventh Pressing
- 12" Baby Blue Vinyl w/ Oxblood Stripes Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

  • Model: PPR027

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