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PIRATES PRESS RECORDS: The label has always been driven by a love for music and vinyl, and a desire to combine the two and make records that turn heads – after making literally millions of records for other people, the Pirates found it a natural progression to put a few out for themselves – highlighting the music, bands, projects and products that they as a company choose to support and reinvest their money in!

The last few years have found this advertising arm of the manufacturer a flourishing success in its own right, getting some of their favorite bands’ music out there in truly spectacular ways. The position they are in as the most cutting edge vinyl manufacturer in the world allows them to highlight some of the most innovative projects anyone has ever made – before anyone else does – for the bands that they love. That is a very special position to be in, for everyone involved.

The support seen on a retail level, and just in the general support of followers and fans is overwhelming, and continues to fuel that desire to put out more records that they feel can benefit from that Pirates Press touch!

Innocent Words: Label Spotlight
Dying Scene: Interview
A Fistful of Vinyl: Video Interview
The Future of What: Podcast Interview
The Slug: Hologram Vinyl Feature
Reddit AMA
Creator-Destructor Podcast: Interview
Phonographic Memory: Company Profile

The Ratchets Hologram 7"

NOi!SE milled record

PPR200 - A Special Celebration!

The Bar Stool Preachers -
"Grazie Governo"

We love to do interviews and would LOVE to support your writing project, blog, or zine. Whether it’s answering questions about the label or our manufacturing company, Pirates Press, or a combination of both, please get in touch to set something up! We can also help link you up with specific bands you would like to cover if you are unable to hook up with them directly.

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