Out Now: Oi! 40 Years Untamed on 12″ LP with 4″ Vinyl Sticker!

It’s been 40 years since the release of the original Oi – THE ALBUM and to celebrate its ruby anniversary, GARRY BUSHELL, the curator of the original compilation, has teamed up with PIRATES PRESS RECORDS┬áto present this incredible new release!

This hard-hitting collection features exclusive, unheard songs from the Oi! pioneers, and original tracks from younger, up-and coming bands from around the world.

Get your copy NOW!

1. Cock Sparrer – Take It On The Chin
2. Crashed Out – Against All Odds
3. Bishops Green – We Decide
4. Stomper 98 – Bessere Zeiten
5. Doug & The Slugz – Friday In Old Town
6. Lion’s Law – Pathfinder
7. The Old Firm Casuals – Noddy Holder (Bootboy Mix)
8. The Drowns – One More Pint
9. Cockney Rejects – Wish You Weren’t Here
10. The Last Resort – New Disease
11. The Gonads – Federales
12. Prole – Sawdust Caesars
13. Gimp Fist – One Shot
14. The Business – You Know My Name
15. NOi!SE – Life In The Shade